The Tartar’s Cradle

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Rabidus floats adrift in the radioactive sea, leaving a trail of blood oozing from his missing jaw. He desperately regurgitates incomprehensible moans in a vain attempt to ask for help. But one of the Androids rises from the water’s hours later and helps him out reaching an air vent above water. He then prepares a room for Rabidus in the Medicine Sector, and sets a security perimeter with the other androids.

Rabidus is then submitted to a long and complex operation that will take weeks in order to save his life…

Upon waking up from surgery, he realises that his madness was gone, at least for the time being, and was finally able to discern reality from delusions.

He looks himself in the mirror, he sees that the gaping wound in his mouth has been healed, leaving a horrendous scar and his disgusting tongue hanging out in the open. His skin has turned flaccid, grey and necrotic due to the prolonged exposure to high levels of radiation. His cranium was now made of some kind of reinforced crystal, and it was possible to see his pulsating brain.

This sight snaps him out of his moment of lucidness, casting him back to the darkness of his insanity as he laughs uncontrollably.

Remembering with vivid hatred how his very own sons banished him from the Blue Flame, he decides to move on and don’t give up. Rabidus spends his days in his room, only accompanied by the soulless androids trying to find a new reason to live for. Since he failed to control society with the power of Proteus he pilgrims to the Entertainment Sector to create a new lawless world.

In this long journey, he manages to rail in several groups of survivors to his dark and chaotic fate, using the might of his androids. He promises unlimited resources if they join him. And so, Rabidus, just like Moses in ancient times guides his flock towards the promised land. Rabidus reaches the Entertainment sector leading a contingency of thousands of followers.

The lack of any law enforcement forces this people to group up in different gangs and factions that continuously fight over for control of their territory.

In the streets there is violence, death and rape… all fueled by the power of Rabidus.

Even though that that place was evil and chaos in the flesh, Rabidus decides to establish a class system  to keep the balance of power and check and allow the horror and disparity to grow rampant.

It starts by the High Command, a group of advisers who call themselves the “Eight stigmas” in charge of the military forces, spy network, terrorism, raids, politics, economy and healthcare.

As time went on, the army grew and was shaped by Rabidus himself who then baptize them with the name “Demonic Hounds”, and his generals

“The Five Fleas” and their lieutenants “Sons of the Black eyelid”.


Rabidus was pleased with this new world he has created. He decides to celebrate it by coming up with the “Carnic Festival” to commemorate the creation of this new civilization, the “Tartarus Cradle”.

In those unholy monthly ceremonies, is where the judgement and sanity of the newcomers is putted to the test. Those who complete the trials and survive will receive full citizenship of the Tartarus Cradle, for their minds will be broken and totally corrupted by madness and chaos.

With time, Rabidus had 3 daughters from 3 different mothers.

The eldest one, Jennifer, was exposed to a modified version of Proteus capable of conserving rationality even in the Primal state. To test its effectiveness she was thrown in a dungeon when she was very young.

She grew up and evolved isolated and without outside intervention, except for the occasional human feasting.

The middle one, Lyza, she is taught and raised as her true heir.

A female companion filled with the same twisted ideals as Rabidus was.

The younger one, Amelia, she is trained for combat from a very young age in the art of fighting the Sanguinemorphs. When she was 10 years old, she was exiled to the Surveillance Sector to test her abilities.

Dr. Rabidus never ceases to investigate the virus… to experiment on both human and machine… to plot evil and senseless plans out of boredom…

And most importantly, writing a new play for his new little toys… some cryofrozen survivors have woken up  in this world of nightmares.

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