The embodiment of fear


First Phase: Imagination

The darkness, ruler of life but none the wiser. For it is consumed by her own shadows.

Fear, sometimes doesn’t come to us, but instead it is our nature to seek it.  Our mind enters a spiral of negative thoughts, that drags us without realizing. Our hypothetical fears  grow without measure, and the worst case scenario is brought to life in our demented minds.

But in reality, it’s all in our head …

This delusion of the events, nothing more nothing less, the great gift to expect the unexpected in a world of infinite possibilities.

And when the worst possible scenario happens, we will be ready for it, if we have the necessary equipment in our hands.

This phase, may very well save your life.

Second Phase: Fear

The incandescent finger of Death grazes your soft skin.

If in the first phase, the fear manifest in our mind. Here, it acts directly upon the body.  This one gets in tension, sharpens its senses, let’s the adrenaline flow through it’s veins, and pumps the heart to the limit.  

The voice cracks, concentrating our soul in our movements and senses all over the body.

That is to say, we create a ultra sensible shield around us against the foreign aggression.

3rd Phase: Paralization or Acceleration

The shadow casts fear in all it’s forms, until you discover what the darkness is made off, then you shall know if you can take shelter among the shadows, or cast it away with the brightest of lights.

Even though fear can manifest in our hearts and body, it can also be present in our future acts as well, although their importance is much greater. When that that terrifies us enters in direct contact with us, this is when our instincts take over.                                         

That results in two possible outcomes:

We can redirect that feeling to our thoughts, and stay immobile  and paralyzed. Why is this happening ? Our mind, activates a defense mechanism that analyzes the situation to know how to respond. If no immediate threat is detected, and there’s proof that the fear is unfounded, it makes it go away.   

On the other hand, if you perceive something dangerous and very real, it metabolizes that fear into adrenaline that pushes us to the action.  The only issue is that this process takes time, and those precious seconds are the difference between life and death.

4th Phase: Memories

Time teaches, but it doesn’t reassures…

The most traumatic horrors, be them big or small and engraved in our susceptible minds. And even though unknowingly we don’t acknowledge it, they can manipulate our way to respond to certain situations that resemble those of the past.

Our memories helps us avoiding the danger, but also preparing us for what’s to come. But is not always a good thing, to face what we fear the most, you never know what could happen…

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