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When the Proteus virus had conquered the entire colony, only one man stood up to fight for survival, Daniel Didier.

The life of this young and inexperienced man changed when he came across a small community of nomad survivors, traveling between sectors, avoiding the sanguinemorph threat. Daniel joined their ranks, and had to learn to work and live together with humans again.

Years went by, and the group grew larger and larger, until it reached a point where is was almost to impossible to keep with the nomad lifestyle anymore. Their exodus became the perfect target for cannibals and sanguinemorphs.

Daniel Didier took a step forward, and proposed the establishment of a permanent settlement in the Storage and Food sector.

In just a few days they colonized the sectors, but they decided to remain enclosed in what was once the central offices of the company Red Sofa, and build a security perimeter around it.

In time this bountiful heaven grew and the news spread through the entire ship, bringing many people to join the Red Sofa Family.



Red Sofa is the most famous and successful settlement on the “Cooperlay’s Daughter Nº401”. Thanks to it’s prime location it has plenty of resources to sustain itself for years to come, plus it has been kept safe for decades by a group of paramilitary rogues. But not only that, but they also have access to computers, electronic devices, advanced technology, weapons, barriers,…

Society has even been reborn in this place, even so that they have their own solid economic system, based on scavenging and manufacturing.

The free market is filled with things like: weapons, suits, tools, food, scrap,… you name it we have it. There is even cinemas, bars, jazz clubs, whore houses,…

There even accepting new recruits to join the army (Hazard Commando), entering a rigorous physical and mental training and be given a cool gun.

There are locals were outsiders can spend a few nights under the protection of Red Sofa and trade supplies with the locals, for a modest price.

There are even rumours of a secret place, where you can play a miniature game about all that has happened on the ship. And people are said to bet big money on it.

Bounty-hunters or people in need of quick cash, they can check the mission panel. In this panel people can post missions or errands and offer a reward, such as huge quantities of money, or even unique or high value items.


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