Sanity or Insanity?


Have you ever wondered the path that takes the human mind to be shattered and destroyed? In a gradual loss of sanity due to severe trauma, we would be able to observe the following symptoms:

1st phase: Anxiety

Being from a thought, idea or either a past experience, we can suffer anguish, stress and anxiety. Making it harder to concentrate and dramatically reducing our efficiency in performing even the most mundane tasks.

2nd phase: Depression

The weight of our insecurities begins to take a toll, and we enter a state we call depression. We look at everything with a pessimistic view, we begin to lose faith not only on everything around us, but also in ourselves.  

3rd phase: Loss of interest

Once we lose faith we also lose our interest, our motivations drift away and although we keep living with our base duties, we no longer enjoy ourselves.

4th phase: Abandon

The lack of interest makes us wonder if it’s really worth just to keep going with our daily life. Without hope, we simply abandon everything and maybe even neglecting our own health and wellbeing.

5th phase: Distrust

Once we have dropped everything and have all the time in the world to be alone with our thoughts, paranoia starts to arise. We distrust and hide from the people who were once friends and family.

6th phase: Isolation

In order to prevent ourselves from getting hurt, we began to shield ourselves from everything around us, good or bad. We avoid life, and we rather not face reality as it is.  

7th phase: Change of personality

All of this issues severely affect our mood and the way we act. We begin to talk alone and show erratic and uncanny behavior. Effectively changing our personality, and we begin to lose ourselves in our own mind.

8th phase: Craziness

This swift changes in our personality, can lead to further nonsense such as: our own language, gibberish, self inflicted wounds,… Madness begins to surface as we sink deeper into it.  

9th phase: Delusions

Chaos begins to unfold in our heads, and starts to summon our true self from within. We take for certain events that never happened, such as dreams or nightmares. We become delirious outta our minds losing our thin grips to reality.

10th phase: Hallucinations

We have long passed the point of no return… Our spirit has been broken, all that is left is suffering, pain, delusions and chaos… We began to see and hear things that aren’t really there. From this point on, suicide is the most likely outcome, even if we have someone that still cares for us. But there’s a worst fate that can fall upon us… Madness. We become nothing more than a husk of insanity and the embodiment of the undoing of humanity.


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