The effects of the virus Proteus can be identified in the different states of the infection. The speed of the mutations ranges from mere seconds, to days or even years…

The different factors that may alter this process are as follows:

  • The amount of time exposed to viral material.
  • The amount of said material.
  • The subject’s mental state or sanity.

The usual symptoms are a creature of an unusual volume, covered in tumors and malformations as well as visible scaring and damage to their organs.

Using an adult human as an example. Proteus may grow extra limbs or other parts where they shouldn’t, such as a hand on your head for, or simply have an oversized arm or a tiny leg. Their vital functions like sustenance or other biological needs may vary depending on the Master’s intentions or the argument provided to the players.

In advanced and unusual cases, some infected can be seem in symbiosis with alien elements added to their body structure. Being either other organic matter or other elements such as metal, ground, water and even some gases. They will adapt to survive in any sort of environment to ensure their survival.

In this setting, the origin and the effects of Proteus reach mutations beyond reason.

The carriers og the disease, receive the name Bloodmorphs. They also are cataloged in different classes depending on their abilities.


The first stage of infection consist in an undeveloped version of the virus. It can reach up to 2 metres and the mutations only affect one or two limbs.

Although they are still are able to reason, their primal instincts take over to ensure the survival of their species.  They also develop a psychic abilities, with which they are able to command  other Bloodmorphs with inferior intellect.


If in the Consium, the victim does not keep their instincts at bay, either with: medicine, the use of their psychic powers or through sheer force of will; the subject loses their sanity. Physical changes will start to appear with a slight increase in height and number of mutated limbs, which depends on the constitution and metabolism of the host.

His humanoid form slowly fades away.


When the body of the Primal fails to contain the power of Proteus, it evolves into an Inflatius. His hunger knows no limits, and if it can’t find any source of nutrients it will enter a hibernation state, that can last for centuries. In that state it will only react to immediate danger, or if it detects any nearby prey through their hormones. Inflatius Bloodmorphs acquire a much more advanced capacity to fuse with their surroundings which makes them completely deformed and inhuman.


If a Bloodmorph manages to live years perhaps decades feeding and spending very little time in hibernation. There is a slight chance that it may suffer a colossal mutation. His body or mind can mutate without limits and is completely unpredictable. It could become the most powerful being in the known universe or simply just die of a stroke.

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