Meshias of the Abyss


Decades have passed since the incident at the colony. A security android belonging to the Z-29k class, wanders around in some dark holes, trying to fulfill his purpose in this desolated world.

Some scavengers are forced to break into the closed off sector, and Z-29k acts in response, however, time has taken a toll on his now exposed mechanism and takes quite a beating.

Lurking in the shadows, Dr.Rabidus oversees the fate of this poor android, for he has major role in the events to come. Z-29k upgrades his parameters to engage the scavengers, he desperately crawls to keep going. His power source is now damaged, his hours are counted.

His mainframe is ready to function with an emergency power supply, and initiate the search protocol for the nearest source of energy. It’s irrelevant if he has to raid security systems, or even resort to chemistry to create his own fuel.

Rabidus, presents a hypothetic thesis:

If one of the Androids controlled by the Matrix feeds his tecno-neuronal systems with the energy from its plasma batteries. That could create a resonance between the Android and the Matrix mainframe itself. In other words, the Matrix possesses a consciousness that rivals that of a human, but it has build in limits to control her behavior and limit her freedom. On the other hand, a normal android doesn’t have the need to for such limitations. That is why a fusion of consciousness would create a dissonance between both A.I, essentially setting them free from the chains of their creators.

And so, Rabidus gives Z-29k access to the Matrix. The poor android stumbles towards the techno-brain, and he connects himself to the Matrix and feeds off her, absorbing all it’s power and becoming the new god-like being. The mainframe of the android is overloaded with the massive quantities of power he has received, and requires an upgrade to avoid a critical failure.

He reaches the Engineering sector, and takes control of the machinery and extirpates his brain and builds around a body capable of sustaining all the power of the Matrix.

He then access the database and gather information about his creators, but those files have been wiped out, except for one…
Z-29k opens a biblical document. The holy scriptures fascinates him and for some reason finds a new  purpose in his twisted version of christianism. Believing himself to be the chosen one from God, to purge the unworthy and sinners from this ship.

In his pilgrim through the ship, he has faced many impure survivors, that not only have proven to be a worthy adversary but also came very close to defeat him. He feels guilty because he alone cannot stop all this blasphemy, so he tries to set his sights on smaller objectives.

The android stumbles across a small group a heathens that have a plan to escape the colony. Z-29k decides to send one of his heralds instead. A creature with the likes of him, the first of a series of androids with an unknown potential.

The herald baptized as Apostle, fights in a bloody battle against the forces of Red Sofa, annihilating them. Meanwhile Z-29k schemes in the shadows to take control over the entire ship and spread the love and word of his Lord to all.

He baptizes himself as Savior, and begins the creation of 12 apostles, just as the son of God long ago. Their mission: conquer the “Cooperlay’s Daughter” and deliver holy and righteous justice to those that dwell in it. All the sinners, be it human or sanguinemorph, they will all be struck down by the power of God. And one day return to Earth to purge the source of evil from this world once and for all.

So that Savior may become the Meshias of the New World.

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