Machines of the New Age

DIBUJO ANDROIDES27 of November of 2417. London, Paris, Moscow, Washington,…                                                    

People take to the streets to claim their rights, and destroy all the android invaders of the face of the planet.

The Third World is getting bigger everyday, and the androids have taken control of pretty much all the low class jobs. Adilene gazes at the outside world once more, as the Earth is becoming a cybernetic haven.

The Android R-1, possesses a generic structure that allows to perform 99% of all human tasks, it’s only flaw it that the quality of such work pales in comparison of real human labor. The most privileged people, have access to the updated model called R-1A, but the low class only have access to the older and economic models, following an ancient prototype A.I, according to the security treaty imposed by U.N (United Nations).

The R-1 has an anthropomorphic features. and their purpose may vary: They can be used for the automatic care of the elderly and the sick, taking care of infants, security and protection, construction, manufacture, cleaning,…

The R-1 was not designed as an all purpose robot, it doesn’t possess any specialized internal structure or external structure, it functions with a simple protocol program integrated and controlled by the buyer.

It’s a physically impressive android, but his A.I is nothing special. A.M.I. prioritizes looks over efficiency.

The A.M.I Corporation manufacturers an extensive stock of various robots for a variety of purposes. Except for the R-1 all the androids had minimalistic features and completely dehumanized (air filters, automated vehicles, home assistance,…)

All those product under the seal of A.M.I where the only ones in the market  with integrated human interfaces and knowledge of the human behavior, able to communicate to a higher level with their owners.   

In the shadows, a woman dreams with the possibility for change. Her name is Adilene, and fate has decided to put her in the prime position to do so, as a member of the A.M.I Corporation, she plots her master plan that will bring a new age for androids and humans alike.  

Focusing om the evident failure of the R-1 model. Creating them to fulfill specific purposes and be designed and equipped for such tasks. Why a security robot would ever need human features ? Besides the cost of other unessential parts is absurd, as well as creating obstacles for said unit to do his job properly.  Such as space engineer robots will be shape shifting spheres propulsed by nitrogen, instead of useless muscles they posses a complex omni-tool system.

Now that the leader of A.M.I is finally dead, Adilene can finally make her move.

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