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You have a childhood where humanity only hope and dream is to reach for the stars and colonizing new worlds. You are curious and confused, as your parents watch in excitement the reports of a new life, in the distant galaxy of Andromeda, waiting for the day they too may get a chance to a better life in paradise.

As you grow up, you begin to see the reality with your own eyes. You also learn about how one of the arms of Andromeda was launched into our Milky Way years ago…

The consequences of said event, resulted into great change in Earth’s atmosphere. You see it in the snow storms of August, or the heat waves of January. This extreme climatic conditions cause massive casualties, the weak perish without mercy. Humanity is now only a shadow of her former self, getting weaker and smaller every day.

Your parents have already gone to paradise… Although not the one they had in mind. You have inherited their dreams, now you are the ones observing the settlers going to colonize a Safe Haven where the collision of the two galaxies will be almost imperceptible.  

Your feelings get the better of you, alone in an empty home, seeing all those smiling faces as they achieve your dreams.

You look out the window, a shining death comes closer every day… You try to convince yourself that there will be a place for everyone in the colonies…

But you still cling to a thread of hope, your dream, the dream to satisfy your primal curiosity:  Leave Earth behind, and conquer a new world full of opportunities.

You wonder, if you are going to live long enough to make your dreams come true, or you will all die like your parents did, stranded in a doomed planet drowning in fear and despair in this unholy rock.

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