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In this times, medicine and technology have suffered an extreme evolution.

A project started decades before the first Daughter of Cooperlay was builded, and was implemented into the very day life.

A new antistress method consisting of a machine able to manipulate your dreams, even when you are still conscious. It could only deal with closed and small environments though, they were still years away to create a fully fledged dreamworld.

It wasn’t long before this technology ended up in the wrong hands. People would get some bootleg knockoff of the machine on the black market, and use it without medical supervision to fulfill their desires. This obviously wasn’t a good idea, and the adverse effects soon surfaced: vomits, chronic migraine, paralysis, brain strokes,… and on the worst case scenario a new state called “Morpheus Dream”, when the victim is trapped in an endless dream even when the machine is turned off.

The World Government decided to launch a campaign dismissing this technology and censoring and eliminating anything related to it, so they could keep it for themselves.

Years later, with the construction of the first “Daughters of Cooperlay” the project kick-started once again. This time it was deemed project “Imaginarium”, with the purpose to ease the boredom and stress of space travel. With all these years the technology had grown a lot more sophisticated, allowing for entire augmented reality scenarios, with molecular generator making the dreams tangible.


The only downside, is that all the health problems carried on in this new version, but to a lesser degree.



In the Imaginarium Hall, the users lay plugged into the machine using tubes that supply a constant stream of drugs through his spinal cord.

This type of machinery holds some millimetric cartridges capable to generate in the user’s mind a virtual yet tangible world. All of this is achieved using predetermined conditions hidden in the cartridges, which transforms analog information into a synthetic liquid that is later injected in the spinal cord.

And finally to make this world real, a molecular gas is released and reshaped to fit the world which is desired.

In this special class of cartridges, the users will be able to roam around freely in the Imaginarium, as long as there are no interruptions. Such as external intervention, or a foreign cartridges used by one of the users. If this happens, the machine will shut itself down to avoid any incidents.

The Imaginarium Hall, is of course not infinite and thus presents an illusory wall that prevents people to go outside the simulation. But, if all the users are in the same place and wish to move forward, the Imaginarium will bend to their will and recreate a path cleverly changing the environment without leaving the Hall, seemingly creating a never ending world.

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