Emergency alert !


“Death and bullshit always comes together.” – Gabriel Hellsing

In an Interstellar ship there is always something that can go terribly wrong, whether it be malfunctioning equipment or foreign organic matter.

The most common dangers are as follows:

Oxygen shortage

In some occasions an oxygen shortage may occur due to a malfunction of the turbines on the ventilation sector. Or in the worst case scenario it could be a problem with the Greenhouse, derived from the toxic fumes of the local flora or the isolation system in case of a fire hazard.

Electric Power Down

There’s always something that breaks in that bloody ship. Be it due to a shoddy wire or a malfunction on the control panel on the Electric Power Supply Sector. These problems can also be caused by solar storms from nearby stars.


If there is a fire on the outer frame of the ship, the androids will take care of it, thanks to their build in features such as water hoses or isolating foam. Nevertheless if a fire has spreaded to the inside there a series of safety protocols that will automatically activate. The affected areas will be sealed and the oxygen will be drained to quickly stop the fire.

God forbid that ever happens on the Greenhouse.

Hall breaches

In case of a collision with a foreign object that impacts the external hall and does significant damage. The standard procedure is for some androids to sealed off the breach. But if the damages is too great it will need assist from real engineers.

Gas Leak

If a hazardous gas is released, the crew and the civilians will have to rush to their nearest safe room where they can acquire gas masks.

Any dangerous activity that is being conducted at the time, such as manipulation of flammable substances or open panel repairs, are to put a hold effective immediately. Then you are to remain calm and hope that the depuration systems quicks in.

Cyber Attack

The security systems of the ship are top of the line, but it exist the possibility of someone being too clever and hack into a Control Matrix.

This will allow the hacker to take control of not just the security systems but also of the androids. Overriding their parameters to serve their new master.

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