Eden steel


Since the human race managed to successfully implement the creation and regeneration of new organs based on stem cells, a whole conglomerate of companies jumped to the opportunity and created their own designs.

We are talking about biomechanical implants that fuse with the organic tissue in a matter of days. It’s functionality is not only to heal, but also to greatly improve the potential of the former organ.

The IKA, still holds the monopoly in the android industry, but it also has acquired the rights and the means of productions of this implants.

Selling them to the highest bidder amongst para-military forces and governments all across the world. Turning normal soldiers, into virtually killing machines.

But this hasn’t stopped the illegal manufacturing and selling of said implants by shady third parties. Where they perform clandestine operations or even forge the license of legitimate products.

IKA, after seeing how much profitable this new business had become. They decided to further exploit it by creating the College of Biomechanical Implants. Numerous doctorates were created that greatly innovated the designs of it’s predecessors. And after just a few years the technology was lights years of anything anyone had seen before.

These implants were so advanced that it no longer needed an operation or a long and painful time to recover. Now the consumer had a wide variety of easy-to-use implants at it’s disposal, via magnetic implementation slots in their bodies. The market grew so much that customization establishments were created to satisfy the demands of any and all customers.

The main problem was that people used this to install illegal features such as knives, firearms or any sort of dangerous weapon.

The Mafia of Eden Steel had been born, and it’s influence reached every corner on Earth. They controlled the entire implant black market, through extortion and violence. But they did not only content themselves to steal from it’s competitors, they also had their own deviant research. Based on the previous existed nanobots, these self-aware implants are able to course through the veins and go almost unnoticed.

When it was revealed to the rest of the world,  the IKA reverse engineered their design, and called it Micro-implant, capable of altering the blood and elements of the body.

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