Coursing through Darkness



Space Travel is something so unnatural for the human species, that may be an experience filled with adrenaline and fear. A person that decides to go to space must face different trials, and although some of them are harsh, they are absolutely necessary : months of training, the emotional drain, psychiatric  evaluations, isolation from the rest of the world, lack of good pay,…


The cardinal points don’t exist out there, there is no up nor down. Zero gravity turns basic orientation into a real ordeal, floating dangerous elements, delicate experiments that could very well damage vital equipment and compromise the mission.  

This makes the requirements really tough, to be able to safely move around the spacecraft with extreme caution. Mainly to avoid any injuries or illnesses that could prove lethal in such harsh conditions.


Before training or taking part in any trials, only those that are approve the physical and medical tests may have a chance to become astronauts. You will be immediately disqualified if you have an incapacitating mental  conditions such as claustrophobia, or have suffered from any severe diseases or are propense to catch one.

These leaves over 90% of the population out of the picture for good.


In such enclosed spaces, coexisting with other humans may prove problematic.                     The tension caused by it, needs to be redirected into other chores such as working out.     One of the other main attributes that an astronaut should have is being social and kind.

These social skills can improve if the crew works together to achieve a higher goal.

But also any contact with the outside world being friends or family also helps to get rid off the yearning.


The space scrap is composed by tones of technologic waste, that orbits around our planet, thousands and thousands of fragments that could very easily obstruct our way out of the atmosphere.

Asteroids are also quite common, and it exits the possibility that it crashes into the spacecraft, and damage some important equipment, and maybe even a chaotic chain reaction that blows it all up.

There also a theoretical phenomena called “The Void Claw”. This consist in a mysterious force formed by gravitational waves that travel a hundred times faster than the speed of sound.    

Sometimes, this force is capable of colliding with some magnetic anomaly, causing a tear in the Space-time fabric called “Streched Space Fissure”. It is some sort of fissure that negates any movements from any nearby objects depending of their mass.  Just as if there was a gap in the road that traps any incoming vehicles.


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