Angels in the dark heaven


Long ago he found a community rotten to the core by starvation and despair. After weeks of careful observation, Isaac stroke at their most vulnerable moment. Now he looms over then from the top of a giant machine in the Engineering Sector…

With his silver tongue he presents himself as the new Meshias of this Dark World, and with poison in his words manages to corrupt the minds of every poor soul listening.

“Hear me, survivors. I am…” -he loses his transit of thought for a moment…

“…Rabidus. I am madness, rage and fury incarnated. I am the wild, and only through this path we may achieve illumination. You that you have fought and clinged to your worthless lives, even at the cost of your fellow men… Survival at all costs…

Join my brothers, and we may create a family that thrives for generations.

Darkness becomes light, death into life… The plague that ravages this place, is the key to evolution. So we may become stronger and crush everything that stands in our way.”

The souls of the dawn kneeled before their new Master.

Now they work to build a proper base in the Engineering Sector now called “The Blue Flame”, in exchange for their service Rabidus offers resources and the most important, something to believe in…

The kind doctor says that you can become a carrier for the Proteus without losing your consciousness, in a stated that he has classified as Conscium.

But this can only be achieved by the true believers. It’s also important to have a strong will and an overdose of drugs to keep the mutations at bay.

This allows the Conscium to go unnoticed by the Sanguinemorphs. They can also understand them and even communicate with them to a higher degree.
Rabidus believes that he needs someone who can take care of the flock while he is gone. But someone with ties to the world left behind won’t do.

Only someone born and raised in his new world can become a worthy vessel.

And so yet again, he takes advantage from his gullible servants to serve his evil intentions.

“ Dear citizens of The Blue Flame, a Tenebris god has appeared to me in nightmares. Our prayers and devotion have been heard by the holy Sanguinemorphs. The Tenebris of the void embrace our faith.

They share our dream of unity, however only those that are born and bound to them from birth can ascend and become our spiritual leaders that lead us to the illumination we so desperately seek.”

And so the years go by, the chosen few born by infected pregnant women were created. And they grow up to become everything their masters wished them to be, fully fledged Conscium Sanguinemorphs.

Nabuzaradan, the first born.

An incredible preacher capable of convincing the most skeptical of the heretics. He possesses extensive knowledge on martial arts combined with a strong and resilient body. His more devastating psychic power is the use of telekinesis and a energy wave, capable of tumbling down even the strongest walls.

Cassiopeia, the second.

Casiopea is a mental puppeteer and completely in love with knives.

She is silent as the breeze and enjoys lurking around in the darkness, toying with her prey.

Cleo Pathra, the third.

Cleo Pathra fancies human sacrifices. Her favourite technique is to literally get into their victim’s head and squeeze their brains until they die in agony.

Cain, the fourth

Cain has an arsenal of fire weapons loaded with energy bombs charged with his own psychic power. He can easily wield heavy weapons such as maces or two-handed mauls.

Abel, the fifth.

Abel is the most beloved of them all and yet he remains an outcast.

They address him as a man, yet he was born with functional penis and vagina.

His voice and looks are quite feminine with a long golden mane make him a rather beautiful androgynous. He fuses his wonderful voice with his psychic power to sing dark and grim songs capable of accelerating the healing process of any living organism.

A few months later they instinctively became the leaders of their society as foretold.  They demanded the Engineering Sector to be cleansed and to collect any piece of equipment.  They also created scavenger groups of Consciums to search for materials and other “volunteers” from the Outer Frame Sector.

A dangling marble city sustained by a series of bridges built across the Sector. A true testimony of the madness of their beliefs. In the darkest depths below a fuel leak has created an ever glowing radioactive lake, illuminating the city with a greenish light. It is truly a sight to behold.

Rabidus, after having no say in the matter in all this changes.

He isolates himself in his temple regretting his life choices, and how he is no longer the center of attention. That loneliness finally breaks what was left of his sanity, and he is locked up by their children.

Seeing his state, his children decide that the best course of action should be to sacrifice Rabidus to the Dark Gods. But on the joyus day, Rabidus manages to break free from his chains and before anyone can react he throws himself into the Glowing Deep with a maniacal laughter.  No body was found…

Days pass, and the people on The Blue Flame are preparing to celebrate their own religious festivities, which coincide with a massive magnetic wave caused by a Space-time anomaly, causing some major earthquakes across the ship. The believers say that they are caused by the Tenebris joining them in the festivities.

The leaders prepare a holy ritual known as the Proteus Festival, in which all the heathen survivors are to be systematically killed. Everyone can lend a hand in the disposal of the heathens, gathering all their remains in barrels, later to be used to feed the Sanguinemorphs or in some other sick ritual.

One of the most simple events, is to locking a victim in a cage with a blind Sanguinemorph. And then the people toy with the victim stabbing him with incandescent iron staffs. Making him scream in pain, attracting the Sanguinemorph who then devours him.

But the main attraction of the evening is to throw them in the Pit of a Thousand Fates, where an Inflatius calls it’s home. The creature is covered in tentacles and it’s infamous to mercilessly rape their victims before it absorbs all their vital fluids.

But all the eyes are gazed upon Cleo Pathra, she is the star of the show.

She is got her own selection of sacrifices.

First she bathes in the blood of the impure babies which she stabs herself.

People lose themselves at the side site of this beautiful naked goddess bathing in the red water. After the bath people line up to receive a kiss with the lips soaked in the blood of the innocent.

In a more dignified manner Nabuzaradan recites the scriptures of the Dark Bible with great passion and fury. With their hands in the air, the believers cry of joy as they recite their prayers, while Abel sings a song about the Coming of the Tenebris Lords.

Cain, decides to try his new weapons upon some unsuspecting victims, and Cassiopeia makes sure that no naughty little target practise escapes by throwing knives at their bare feet.

During three days and three nights, the echos of the festival will resonate across the entirety of the ship.


After an intense vision, Nabuzaradan sets his sight on a new goal, and summons his brothers and people to inform them.

“I had a revelation on the Sanctuary of Adam and Eve.

Our father, created nearly perfect machines with the face of me and my brothers. Then I understood that machines would be nothing without us, but we would be nothing without them either. A connection hidden from us until now, a divine bond between men and machine…

But we cannot strive to understand such truth, without tasting the steel in our own flesh. Me and my brotherin are ready to embrace the new gift from the Dark Gods which will get us even more closer to true perfection.”

Time pases, and the leaders emerge with biomechanical implants all over their bodies. They have become Cyborg Sanguinemorphs.
Through this fusion, they are ready to incarnate a Tulpa being who will become the new Tenebris God that unifies this world with paradise.

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