Andromeda The Game


Welcome players to this exciting adventure, where the horror and desperation will leave a mark on every fiber of your being.

Andromeda The Game is an enormous project in constant evolution, made by players for players. Three words, Sci-Fi Survival Horror.


What contains you ask ?

  • The Abyss: A RPG book with over 400 pages fully ilustrated, a complete d6 system, simple and intuitive with Lore, Information dossiers, Rules,  Character creation, Psionics, Bestiary,  Items, Mantis chips, Adventure…
  • The Depth: A massive OST that will engage you and wrap around your head, maximizing the fear and terror on your mind.
  • The Void: A frenetic and addictive tabletop game with detailed miniatures & illustrated cards.
  • The Inferos: A smartphone app to interact with all the versions of Andromeda.

“As  the Storyteller or a player, you will have to sank deep into the darkest corners of your mind and pray you don’t lose yourself in the process. Good luck…”

Welcome to  Andromeda The Game

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