The Abyss


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From the “Andromeda The Game” universe comes “The Abyss”, a book with more than 400 pages, fully illustrated that holds an infinite number of possibilities:

  • Desclasificated reports: They will help us understand the Andromeda universe. By themselves they offer interesting information, but with all of them combined you get to a larger picture of how things work around here.  


  • D6 System: Which has a great arsenal of balanced rules and easy to understand. The best part of it are:  the levels of madness, which will alter the interpretation of the characters; And on the other hand, a complete injury system with limb damage and different types of failures.


  • Character creation: Here you will find an infinite number of combinations so each character (Players, NPCs or enemies) is completely different from the others. We will accomplish this thanks to: different races to chose from (Humans, Androids, Sanguinemorphs, Ethers,…); a morality system that will encourage the players to take the right decisions; the inclusion of particularities given players a series of perks and cons in the form of extra attributes (blindness, junkie,…). And last but not least a psionic system that will give extra power to the characters.


  • Specimen Almanac: This subject holds over 100 specimens with all of their lore and attributes, so you can use them in your game sessions as archetypes for enemies or NPCs.


  • M Terminal: At this point you’ll have at your disposal a great variety of last tech weaponry, space suits and biomechanical implants to enhance your powers. Also we have access to the Mantis Chips which will provide infinite knowledge on the carrier.


  • A grotesque adventure: With over 60 pages long, multiple twist, challenges, scenarios,… Bound in blood with the essence of terror and despair.


In conclusion, The Abyss is a huge book that compiles everything you need to play role playing the likes you have never seen before. Where deep within you shall discover true fear and pain as your worst nightmares come to life.

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